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NewMind network for Mental Health technology

The EPSRC funded NewMind network explores the potential for technology to transform the management & treatment of mental health conditions, whilst seeking to address underlying Engineering and Physical Science (EPS) research challenges.

The network began as a partnership between EPS researchers (initially from the Universities of Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Lancaster and York), and the NIHR funded MindTech Healthcare Technology Cooperative.

It has subsequently grown to cover over 300 members across a range of EPS, Clinical and research disciplines, industry partners, charities, and patient and service user representatives, from multiple institutions and organisations.

The network focusses on four broad clinical areas, and four cross cutting EPS research challenge themes.

Clinical Themes

Serious Mental Illness, Mood and Affective Disorder, Dementia, and Developmental Disorders

Engineering & Physical Science research themes

Sensing Systems, Information Management, Data Analytics, and Human-centric Systems

Research Roadmap

As part of our activities, NewMind has run a number of workshops involving researchers, clinicians, charities, service users and industry partners in order to inform the direction of the network and future research priorities and funding submissions.

Our Research Roadmap provides this. 

It consists of three parts: a Health Outcomes Framework; EPS Research Challenges; and an Ethical & Responsible Innovation Framework.

You can download the Roadmap here.

NewMind Plus

NewMind was recently awarded 'Networks Plus' funding from the EPSRC to continue our activities until May 2019. This includes a small amount of funding for feasibility studies. Details of how to access these funds through participation in NewMind events will be posted on this site and in our communications to network members.

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