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Apply for Funding

NewMind plus feasibility study funding

NewMind was awarded further funds by the EPSRC to continue developing and running the network until May 2019.

As part of this funding, NewMind plans to award grants to up to 12 exploratory / feasibility projects (up to £15k), together with larger grant support (up to £45k) for up to four of these initial projects. 

The mechanism for developing proposal ideas is through a series of Sandpit events followed by Dragons' Den Panels to determine successful applicants.

A prerequisite of funding is that applicants must attend at least one Sandpit event prior to submitting their proposal, and that the proposal be developed at a Sandpit.

Proposals must show strong alignment with the priorities and outcomes contained in the network's Research Roadmap.

The submission form & guidance is available for download here.

The closing date for the next round of NewMind Stage 1 Feasibility Funding applications will be in early 2018 following our next Sandpit in Nottingham on 27th-28th November 2017. Applications from proposals developed at each of our Sandpit events to date will be eligible for submission.

NewMind Plus activity

We are currently in the process of outlining the schedule of events for NewMind Plus.

The current timeline for the Sandpits & Dragons' Dens are as follows:

Sandpit #1 25th-26th May 2016

Sandpit #2 22nd-23rd September 2016 

Dragons' Den #1 12th October 2016

Dragons' Den #2 2nd December 2016

Sandpit #3 8th-9th February 2017 

Dragons' Den #3 2nd May 2017

Sandpit #4 5th-6th July 2017 

Dragons' Den #4 5th October 2017 

Sandpit #5 27th - 28th November 2017

Dragons' Den #5 February 2018 (TBC)