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How NewMind works

Workshops provide the main mechanism for community building and delivery of NewMind objectives.

These are centred around three main kinds of session designed to develop initial ideas into full research projects:

Healthcare: Exploring Clinical Needs & Developing Scenarios

These involve a broad range of stakeholders (clinicians, researchers, industry, health/social care, patients), each focusing on specific areas of clinical need. They help researchers understand clinical need and allow patients and other stakeholders to develop scenarios for technology interventions.

EPS: Identifying EPS research challenges & developing a Roadmap

These involve EPS Researchers and key clinical stakeholders. Designed to identify the EPS research needed to underpin technology intervention scenarios identified in the plenary workshops, these workshops help to organise output into a prioritised roadmap.

Proposal Development / Sandpit Workshops

Involving both EPS researchers and clinical stakeholders, these sessions help frame targeted research proposals, developing on the road-mapping activity.

You can read more about the Sandpit process here.