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AdaptivePlanning and raPid LEarning in mental health

Led by Prof. John Fox, University of Oxford & Warwick in association with OpenClinical CIC and University of Manchester

Qualitative analyses have shown that current mental health treatment plans are not patient-centred or engaging. Service users are only given a paper copy, which becomes outdated, and are unable to access live versions. Paper audit trails prevent inter-agency communication and delay intervention. There is a clear need for an interactive, care planning platform to improve involvement and engagement mental with health care service delivery. The need for a collaborative care planning tool can be addressed by providing decision support at key points in a patient's journey (diagnosis, treatment etc.)  and updating care plans in light of carer or patient decisions. The platform for this will be OpenClinical, an innovative process management infrastructure and decision support platform ( The vision of APPLEmh is to demonstrate Decision support, which handles multiple perspectives, including those of the service-user and carer; Planning and monitoring of care, which responds dynamically to changes and takes the concerns of service users into account; Human-centred methods for empowering service users through collaborative and accountable care and decision-making.

Presentation from the Stage 1 Update Workshop, November 2017.

NewMind Plenary Jan 2019: Feasibility Study Poster Presentation

Stage 1 Feasibility Study – Final 

In addition to the Stage 1 Feasibility Study outlined above, NewMind supported a small follow on study by OpenClinical and partners that researched further the possibility of extending the decision support services for use by multi-disciplinary teams, instead of just assuming one "clinical view". Involving Dr Lesa Wright (Consultant Psychiatrist and CTO at Psychiatry-UK LLP) the study also sought to evaluate the combined tool with several mental health teams, and integrate and evaluate patient summarisation and decision support capabilities.

Follow on Feasibility Study – Final