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Dynamic well-being visualisation toolbox

Dynamic well-being visualisation toolbox for digital products

Led by Dr Paula Waddingham, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust in association with the University of Nottingham and University of Glasgow

Explore the best ways in which wellbeing measures could be provided to service users (SU) in a meaningful and visual presentation. In mental health settings outcome measures are routinely undertaken as part of SU assessment. These tools typically generate a numerical score, which is often not routinely relayed to the SU; and when provided, it is unknown how meaningful this is to the individual. Visualisation is rarely or inconsistently used for wellbeing and not developed with SU involvement. An appropriate, dynamic method to visualising wellbeing state would enable users to access their performance, track their performance and wellbeing over time, and update their outcome measures in real time. The proposed tool would empower users to better manage their wellbeing/condition. We will identify the factors associated with wellbeing by asking service users in focus groups about their experience, and through reviewing research already published. We will also establish the best way to visually represent user’s progress on measures by looking at how successful apps have achieved this, and by asking service users what they find most accessible and useful, in focus groups. Finally, we will bring together these findings to develop a specification for discussion with app developers.

Presentation from the Stage 1 Update Workshop, November 2017.

Summary Table of Deliverables

Stage 1 Feasibility Study – Final Report