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Managing Mental Health in school

Managing Mental Health in a school environment 

Led by Naomi Mwasambili, University of Liverpool in association with Lancaster University

The use of technology is commonplace in many homes and schools. Increasingly school based approaches are being explored as a way of addressing children mental health within a school context to address problems like mood, affective and developmental disorders in children and young people. Integrating technology within the whole school approach could lead to reduced levels of distress, improved mental health and early help for school age children and young people with mood, affective and/or developmental disorders. The feasibility study aims explore the use of biometric data from image/video surveillance, written, verbal and image based communication to identify common signs and symptoms associated with emotional and mental health needs to improve outcomes of children and young peoples. We will develop two design co-groups made up of Children and Young people and incorporate the ethical considerations of the application of technology and extraction of data within a school environment. 

NewMind Plenary Jan 2019: Feasibility Study Poster Presentation