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Engineering & Physical Science Research Workshops

17th & 20th November 2014

Dearing Building The University of Nottingham 

Leading researchers and industry representatives from across the UK attended the
NewMind EPS Workshops at the University of Nottingham to discuss the Engineering &
Physical Science Research challenges that arise from the interventions suggested at
previous NewMind events.

Using a list of 'example technologies,' researchers worked together to formulate research
ideas relevant to each of the four Technology Areas: Sensor Systems, Data Analytics,
Information Management and HCI.

Output from previous NewMind workshops shaped a number of 'Desired Outcomes' which
would ideally contribute to improving mental healthcare. The list of Desired Outcomes is a
continually developing component of the NewMind Research Roadmap and researchers were
asked to bear the outcomes in mind whilst discussing EPS challenges.

The workshop agenda is available here.