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Launch & Development of the Research Roadmap

26th November 2015

Rocket Holborn 


  • Alistair Burns, NHS England
  • Chris Taylor, NewMind Network
  • Charlie Young, TransformUK

This session was led by NewMind PI Prof Chris Taylor, and involved presentations from Prof Alistair Burns, the National Clinical Director for Dementia and Charlie Young (TransformUK). Alistair Burns spoke on The Challenges of Dementia, while Charlie Young discussed the ethical and responsible innovation for mental health technology with current and relevant examples. The event saw the launch of the NewMind Research Roadmap, a document which has been refined over a series of multidisciplinary workshops, but still a work in progress. 


1) What will life be like for people with mental health conditions if we can get the technology right? 

Delegates performed a round robin activity moving around health outcomes posters and commenting on what was missing from the Research Roadmap. They then created more scenarios where technology could be seen as supporting Mental Health.

2) Beyond technology: ethical principles, privacy & trust.

Delegates were asked to pose what the ethical principles would be for the scenarios they had created.

To view the workshop agenda please click here

Presentations can be downloaded here - Prof Chris Taylor; Prof Alistair Burns; Charlie Young