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Stage 1 Feasibility Study Update & Stage 2 Workshop

NewMind Feasibility Study Stage 1 teams, together with members of the NewMind Steering Group and other invited members of the network, attended and presented at a workshop in November 2017 to update on progress and discuss ways to work together further as part of Stage 2 proposals.

Ten of the 11 currently funded projects presented on their work and findings to date. You can view the agenda here, together with the presentation slides here.

The 11 funded projects to date represent the combined collaborative effort of 21 partners from across academia, industry, NHS & Social Care organisations, charities, patient representation groups, and service users themselves. They cover a range of topics and research areas identified within the Research Roadmap (link) and developed following our round of Sandpit proposal development workshops that have taken place since the launch of NewMind Plus in 2016.

We will be publishing an update to these presentations as Stage 1 projects complete, as well as developing plans for the next round of Stage 2 funding in conjunction with current funded project leads. We will also be engaging with the NewMind network as we plan our activities to showcase this and other research, as well as developing the community further.