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Stage 1 Feasibility Study Update Presentations

Unlocking the evidence from electronic patient records for smart intervention of mental health disorders - a case study in Alzheimer’s Disease

Led by Dr Chi-Hun Kim, University of Oxford in association with University of Manchester & DeepCognito Ltd

Towards a next generation platform for personalised neuro-therapeutic interventions in chronic pain

Led by Dr Christopher Brown, University of Liverpool in association with University of Manchester, TIYGA Health, and Salford Fibromyalgia Support Group

Unobtrusive behavioural monitoring via the interactions of daily living

Led by Prof. John Crowe, University of Nottingham

AdaptivePlanning and raPid LEarning in mental health

Led by Prof. John Fox, University of Oxford & Warwick in association with OpenClinical CIC and University of Manchester

Eating disorders in the digital age: Considering the safety measures required to prevent the abuse of healthy eating and fitness applications amongst young people

Led by Dr Roisin McNaney, Lancaster University in association with University of Manchester, University of York St. John, University of Chester, and the Anna Freud Nation Centre for Children and Families

Dynamic well-being visualisation toolbox for digital products

Led by Dr Paula Waddingham, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust in association with the University of Nottingham and University of Glasgow

Tangible toys (TATO) with sensors and biofeedback mechanism: explorative work to assess its suitability and feasibility as a tool for treating anxious children

Led by Dr Maki Rooksby, University of Glasgow

Digital biomarkers for dementia research

Led by Francine Jury & Dr Iracema Leroi, University of Manchester, in association with Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust, and mHabitat

Understanding, Predicting and Preventing Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and thoughts amongst adolescents (UPP)

Led by Dr Mahsa Honary, Lancaster University, in association with Pennine Care Foundation Trust, University of Sheffield, XenZone Ltd, and HW Communications Ltd

Developing early detection methods to assess the risk of pressure ulcers in individuals with mental illness

Led by Professor Dan Bader, University of Southampton/MDVSN Plus, in association with the University of Manchester